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Get To know Vitiligo, And How To Treat It?

What is vitiligo

Get To know Vitiligo And How To Treat It - So I'm gonna talk about an interesting relationship between vitiligo and copper, this article is based on an explanation from an expert beauty. Okay, what is Vitiligo? it's an autoimmune condition where your body is attacking certain cells that make melanin so without melanin, you don't have the pigment and you have these white spots so it's a loss of Milano site function. So the way this works is you have a Milano site that makes melanin which that gives you the pigment in the skin. 

And it works through this conversion of an amino acid to a certain enzyme tyrosinase anything with an ace is an enzyme so you need this enzyme to be able to make melanin and to make this enzyme work. You need copper so the entire structure of this enzyme which is a protein requires copper and many enzymes in the body require minerals as their cofactor helper nutrients. 

Now when you have too much of this enzyme, you can get hyperpigmentation of the skin and get dark spots or aging spots that's what that is and there are all sorts of remedies laters that actually pull copper out. But vitiligo is an autoimmune condition, so the body is making antibodies to attack itself so we have a lot of inflammation we have a lot of oxidation, so we have a defective antioxidant system and the body is actually making too much hydrogen peroxide.

This is a very powerful oxidant and you can even try this at home put some hydrogen peroxide in your hair and see what happens now don't do this it'll actually bleach the hair okay so in your body that's what's actually happening to your skin and the main antioxidant that rids this hydrogen peroxide uses copper and zinc so when you have too much hydrogen peroxide it can decrease this enzyme and if you have enough of this enzyme you can counter.

The hydrogen peroxide but in this situation, we have these cells that are defective and we're not able to make the melanin in sufficient quantities so there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. You can get a copper cream and put that directly on the skin to supply what your body needs to make this enzyme. 
  2. You can take some zinc because this is involved in this very powerful antioxidant and start building up your defenses against this oxidation. and 
  3. Vitamin D3, Why vitamin D3? why is that good for vitiligo? Well, it's good for autoimmune conditions but if you think about what is the medical treatment for vitiligo besides UV light or phototherapy is corticosteroids like prednisone so they use prednisone dealing with autoimmune conditions.

Guess what vitamin D3 is it's also a steroid D3 will helps build up your body's own natural steroids and it's also very powerful. Immune regulators help the immune system as well as decrease the inflammation involved in this condition so number one do the copper cream zinc and vitamin D3.

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