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22 Small Habits to Change Your Life in 2022

Habits to change your life in 2022

22 Small Habits to Change Your Life in 2022 - I wanted to share with you 22 small habits, to incorporate into your life, hopefully into 2022, to change your life. I try to write this article like this every year so that I share it with you. Some new tips, but also share with you, some reminders that I am still doing every Day, and hopefully, that motivates you to keep going and to really reset your life for this new year.

There are things in our lives that we cannot control, but these small habits are things that, hopefully, you can incorporate into your life. Okay, let's get started. 

#1. Make sure to drink more water every single day

Now I know it may sound like a broken record. Everyone knows they should be drinking more water, but what does that actually look like take your Body weight divided by two. That's how many ounces of water.

You should be drinking every single day to really hydrate your body now. Water is so important for so many different reasons, but it's really great for helping our skin glow and feel hydrated and not feel so dry. It also helps with our hair.

It also helps to flush out any toxins in our bodies. It's just a great way, and many of us are very blessed to have access to clean drinking water all The time we really should be taking advantage of drinking as much water as we possibly can.

#2. Listen to your circadian rhythm

I've mentioned this a few times in my morning routines, but a circadian rhythm is just another way of saying your body clock. Our body sends us signals without even us telling it to it already knows what to do so. We should really be listening to our bodies. Clock a little more often, your body sends you signals when it's time to Sleep when it's time to eat and when it's time to wake up or even go to the bathroom.

So those are little things that we really should be mindful of. I tend to get hungry at the same time every day and I tend to want to sleep and wake up around the same time every day because those are small habits and my circadian rhythm has really been accustomed to that now you can change that and you Can make new habits but try to create some type of routine that you can stick.

#3. Increase your movement 

Find ways to increase the amount of movement you do every single day. 

Now, that's not only exercising! That is parking farther away from a store and walking a little further that is taking the stairs instead of the elevator getting up out of our chair and moving around a little more than we normally do all of those little movements that actually help our body better Than Just Sitting.

#4. Make sure that you have a sleep schedule

Babies, often times are put on a sleep schedule by their parents and they are told to sleep at eight or nine o'clock, and then they naturally wake up at a certain time. We should also have a sleep schedule and bedtime in order to connect with the circadian rhythm. 

Our body loves routines and it loves rhythms and so to have a certain cutoff is really important to practice self-discipline. So If you tire yourself by 11 o'clock, I am done, then that's a great way for you to really put yourself in a routine. Now, at 11 o'clock I have all of my apps turned off, but it's a great reminder of hey you're, hitting your limit and it's time to turn everything off and prepare your mind to sleep.

#5. Consider investing early

Investing often now is a term that personal finance Uses a lot, and I really like his page, but I would say one of the most efficient ways to do this is, if you make less Than 129 000 as an individual person, you can contribute to a Roth Ira, basically a long-term retirement saving plan and if you're married, if you make less than 200 4 000 combined, then you can each contribute to a Roth ira as well. So that means you can contribute up to six thousand dollars every single year. I maxed out mine in 2020 and 2021, 

And so i highly recommend every single person to do this if you qualify because it's one of the best ways to invest and get a return and when you retire and you withdraw the amount it's actually tax-free so because I maxed out mine in 2021 already there are also other ways that I invest now if you're just starting out with investing and you want to test the waters a little bit this post is sponsored by stash and i am going to show you just how simple it can.

#6. Incorporate some strength training into our lives 

Women especially should be lifting weights and it's not just for men just because you lift an 8-pound dumbbell does not mean we're going to get gigantic muscles but yes you can do it yes you can start strength training is so important especially for our bone density as we get older our bodies are not producing as much collagen and it's harder for our bodies to have stronger bones so we just want to make sure that we are helping our bodies as much as we can now so we don't have to pay for it 

#7. Recognize your coping mechanisms 

Many times in our lives and we are upset when we are angry we do certain things to cope and deal with it whether that is yelling whether that is running away bearing our face into a pillow or sleeping or eating. 

Those are all things that we try to do to cope with the feelings that we have so recognize what you normally do when you're feeling a certain type of way as a child those were things that we learned to survive and to feel safe but as an adult, we can actually unlearn some of the negative coping mechanisms we might have and replace them with more positive ones but it all first starts with self-awareness being aware of what we tend to do tip.

#8. Going with our circadian rhythm

We need to listen to our body more when we start to feel a little full. It's okay to not finish all of my food and if I start to feel full I'll, take some of the food home and then eat it again later when I feel hungry or eat it the next day as another meal. It's great money, saving tips, and also listening to our body and not overfeeding ourselves. If I'm tired, I make sure that I go to sleep

#9. I am working on this

I'm trying to be a lot more sustainable. Now, there's a lot that I could do better, but something that I've been trying recently is I've been using microfiber towels I've been using sustainable laundry detergent that comes in little tablets in a refillable jar and of course, I always use reusable water bottles. I try not to use plastic and then I recently also got period underwear trying to be more sustainable. But of course, there's a lot for me to learn too

#10. Eat more plant foods with polyphenols

Polyphenols are basically the color that comes in our food boost.  Our gut bacteria take care of our bodies and make sure that we also feel fuller, and longer, there's red-orange, yellow-green like the rainbow and then there's black and purple, and then tan, yellow-brown. 

So those are all the colors you want to look for in your meals and if you can eat that in every meal, that's fantastic, then I know I'm Really feeding my body with nutrients that it needs.

#11. Pair yourself with yourself 

Just because someone else wins Doesn't mean you have to lose unless you're an athlete, that's a little different, but in any other case in our lives, if someone does better, we can celebrate them while also working on ourselves and making sure. 

Are we better today than we were yesterday? You see someone else succeed. They are still considered a side character in your life Story.

#12. Practice active listening now 

This is something that I personally am trying to work on as well, but it's not listening with the anticipation of responding to someone, but genuinely just being there in the moment, with them and listening to them, making eye contact not being on our phones. 

When someone is talking to us about all of those little things, it's just being very polite and being an active listener.

#13. Going back to some Finances

Set a saving schedule for yourself now. I have two very detailed videos on how I budget my life, but I also talk about my spending habits and my savings schedule. It's one of my favorite things to do.

#14. Make deadlines for yourself 

This is a productivity tip, especially as an adult. Sometimes we have to be told what to do, but many times it's really easy for us to put things off to the side or procrastinate. So I make a to-do list and I write out what date I want this to be done by which means I need to submit this.

I need to finish this to mail. All of that has a date, and I tell myself when I should do it by many times. I have it done earlier than the due date.

#15. Stop saying the word just 

I just wanted to ask just wondering I just wanted to know all of those things make us sound a little more unsure or insecure of ourselves, and it's really good to practice. Taking that word out And saying what we simply want, I want you to know.

I was wondering hi, I'm checking in about it so all of those things help us feel a little more confident and sure of ourselves.

#16. Decluttering at least one thing in my room every single day

Is something that I will also be doing this year, and that is decluttering at least one thing in my room every single day and I'm either going to donate it or trash it or recycle it. So this is going to be a way for me to declutter every single day for an entire month from January.

Just pick one thing every day that you want to get rid of, hopefully, you're going to see your room is slightly more decluttered.

#17. Unsubscribing from emails that I no longer need

Hopefully, this isn't me, but tip number 17 is something that I have been doing a lot lately and it is unsubscribing from emails that I no longer need. I've had my email address since I was 12 years old, so I have subscribed to a lot of random different things and I just go back and I just click unsubscribe or I report Spam.

I just get rid of it. I don't need to put my energy into looking at it, so I just get rid of anything that no longer suits me.

#18. Active relaxation

We always say we need to relax more or we need to practice self-care, but there's a difference between relaxing in a passive way and relaxing in an active way, and I find that active relaxation is one of the best ways to fill our cup.

Whether that's reading a book walking outside in nature cooking, or doing something new for yourself all Of those things are active ways to really relax rather than passively taking in things.

#19. Contact someone up that you haven't talked

This tip is also something I'm working on and is connecting with people at least once a week so hit someone up that you haven't talked to in a while and just say hey, how are you doing? 

#20.  Fix your posture

Which is also very important, fix your posture. Now I hope everyone right now kind of got up a little bit. We want to make sure that we take care of our back and it's going To be so helpful, especially when we get older so make sure you fix your posture now.

#21. Make sure you turn off all your lights

I'm actually surprised that a lot of people don't do this, but when you leave a room or you leave a vicinity, make sure you turn off all your lights. It's a great way to save electricity, save money for whoever's paying for the electricity, and a good habit to turn off things that you no longer need. 

#22. Gratitude for our bodies 

Remember that our bodies do so much for us. There are So many things in our lives that our bodies do, that we don't even think about our bodies being so amazing and we should really treat our bodies with respect.

We'll just incorporate the sense of gratitude for our bodies and treat them the way that it deserves to eat when we're hungry sleep when we're tired and get our body moving. 

If you like, this post. Please comment on the below form. and I hope that you enjoyed these small habits that you can Incorporate.

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